Healing the Heart

Healing the Heart

During the month of February we are reminded of love and appreciation all around us. But sometimes all of the reminders of love and affection can led us to look at our own feelings of disconnection and lack of love in our lives. Life isn’t always full of sweet hearts, flowers and chocolate, not too mention a meaningful person to share them with.

Whether blessed with a special someone or not, February, the month honoring St. Valentine can be an opportunity to heal our hearts.

An important energy center for healing the heart is the heart chakra located at the chest directly surrounding the heart region at the front, sides and back of the body. Our heart chakra is like a computer system constantly taking in and giving out emotional information containing feelings and frequencies of love, compassion, joy, anger, forgiveness, loneliness and grief. As humans we all are privy to experiencing these emotions very deeply at different moments in our lives.

Our hearts can lead us in making life changing choices and can move us into fearless and courageous acts of living when we listen to their call.

However, for many of us our heart can be held prisoner by its own wounds and disappointments.

So in appreciation for Valentines Day, here is a 60 second remedy to heal your heart. If you can, use an essential oil. A dab in the center of your chest or a drop in a glass of water next to you will help restore strength and connectedness to your heart. Wonderful oils for the heart are Rose, Geranium, Bergamot, Tangerine and Ylang Ylang. You can blend them adding them to cold pressed almond, grape seed or apricot kernel oil or use them alone.

This 60 Second Heart Connect can be done anywhere, at home, in your car (not moving!), at your desk, on the subway, or under a tree. It just takes a minute to connect with your heart.



1. Sit quietly, soften or close your eyes with legs uncrossed, breath with an awareness of any pain or discomfort in your body. Inhale any negative feelings releasing them through your exhale with a comfortable flowing breath. Feel your feet firmly on the floor and grounded to the earth.

2. Visualize your heart however your imagination sees it. Bursting with life or scarred to shreds, however you see it in the moment. Bring the colors green and gold into your awareness and breathe them in your heart space filling every area front, sides, and back. Visualize these healing colors infusing into every tissue and cell with a brilliant vibration of love.

Place your hands on your heart and connect with a safe, calming image of the natural world like a forest or a tree, a star or a beautiful beach. It could be a place you have visited before or a place you imagine.

3. Breath deeply connecting to the energy and vibration of your image. Perceive any sounds, smells or tastes that may be associated with it and allow them to softly enter your heart space filling you with its energy. Observe any feelings and shifts in your body and notice any changes to the heart image that you are holding in your mind.

4. Experience the loving intelligence within the image you’ve chosen, the deepest heart of the mountain, the ocean or tree and watch it expand and connect with your heart. Keep breathing as the image surrounds your body and connects with your heart. Consider some words that may describe this connection: warm, open, calming, expansive, loving, connected, and see them with your mind.

Breathe them in and allow your heart to receive them.

5. In closing, bring your awareness to your feet on the floor and sense the world around you. Let any noises of the outside world bring you back to your body. Gently stretch any areas of your body that need waking up and open your eyes with gratitude.


This 60 Second Heart Connect can be practiced longer if you have the time and can be practiced over and over again when you are healing from difficult emotions.

Remember, it only takes a minute to connect your heart to a place of healing so take the 60 seconds and try it!