Over the past 20 years, we’ve been honored to serve nearly 50,000 people, with half of those coming from the military community, through various programs, workshops, and retreats. We’ve allocated funds to 15 additional nonprofits that serve the military community and have explored 15 different methods of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies for healing trauma.

During the pandemic, Raven Drum has continued to serve thousands of Veterans and others at risk through funding special programs and working with a variety of partners. We responded to the pandemic by expanding our reach to answer calls for help, funding services on the ground, as well as through online workshops and connections, as agencies and organizations drew on our expertise in guiding people to practical mindfulness tools during a trying time for all.

Healing Drum Circles

Drum circles are a place to heal. When we come into one, we enter a sacred place as a community without judgment and mistrust, with respect and compassion to heal one another and bring into focus the possibilities of who we truly are.

Raven Drum Foundation drum circles provide a shared experience supported by the resonance, movement, and rhythm of the drumming and an approach that encourages opening up to the energy generated. The focus on the drumming, combined with the connectedness that comes from playing in a group, opens up an opportunity for a release, processing, or transformation of emotions and residual trauma.

Partner Programs We Fund

Below is a sampling of some of the healing programs we’ve partnered with and allocated funding to over the years.

Stand In Balance » An interactive learning program that engages horses to help restore the balance in people’s lives, as well as gives them the tools to face life’s challenges with resilience, strength and personal power. The program challenges participants physically, mentally, socially and soulfully. We fund 3-5 veteran equine workshops a year.

Operation Surf » A program that seek to provide results-driven, nature-based programs advocating the restorative power of the ocean and surfing as a form of wellness for injured bodies, minds, and souls. To help wounded and injured active-duty military and veteran heroes move forward in a positive direction through an epic, life-changing surfing experience that builds confidence and healing. One wave at a time.

GI Josie » A program designed to provide non-clinical therapeutic programs to women veterans to help alleviate their suffering from Military Sexual Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder offering them hope of a trauma free future. G.I Josie’s mission is to deliver safe, nature-based housing communities with a variety of proven therapy options and career advancement opportunities.

The Vanderpump Dog Foundation » We provide and match veterans with the best dog companion for them. The dogs are trained to help with PTSD and mental disorders. VP Dogs will utilize a Board certified PSTD trained animal behaviorist to execute the training program over a 120-day period. The program covers all professional service dog training, education programming, administration cost and all other affiliated costs for the veteran.

Mindful Veteran Program » A program to guide veterans in an orientation to and in practical, simple, secular tools of mindfulness, empowering them to cultivate their inner strengths, support their own well-being, participate in their healing process, explore new possibilities, and enjoy the highest possible quality of life to Be Free, Be Well, and Be Whole in their daily lives.

Veterans Yoga Program » An educational program that aims to maximize military veterans’ ability to undo the nervous system dysfunctions that cause stress-related conditions. Through yoga practices, the program teaches breathing, meditation, mindful movement, guided rest and gratitude to help relieve these symptoms. We fund 2-4 veteran yoga workshops a year.

INSPIRE » INSPIRE’s initiative is to help indigenous high school students complete their education and become more politically involved. With workshops across various Native American high schools, INSPIRE has helped over a hundred students complete their education and pursue their career.We fund three Native American Youth Leadership Education Workshops at Tribal High Schools.

Reins Of Hope » An interactive program that helps improve individual’s mental health as well as provide relief from pain using equine therapy. Reins of H.O.P.E offers a wide range of programs including summer and spring break camps for Native American and veterans’ children. We fund two children of veterans and native americans workshops.

NAVA »  The Native American Veteran Association is an advocate for veterans and their families. Assisting tribal and non-tribal families on employment services and emotional recovery, NAVA strives to help tribal and non-tribal families reintegrate into society. We fund a monthly wellbriety program for Native American veterans.

Simonton Center » The Simonton Cancer Center provides resources and retreats for cancer patients and their families, including veterans. Their mission is to help those affected from cancer and provide as much emotional and physical support through the practice of Psychoneuroimmunology. We fund two to four partial scholarships for veterans to attend cancer retreats.