Four Focus Points for Activation: Stepping Into Action

Four Focus Points for Activation: Stepping Into Action

By Lauren Monroe

In the last three webinars we have explored moving into awareness, living in attention and being in acceptance. We’ve practiced embracing our vulnerabilities and weaknesses and we’ve delved into experiencing compassion and insight for ourselves and others.

The fourth and final step in activating your power is taking action.

Action requires a daily commitment to live in a way that fully supports your mission, your goals and most often requires changes in habits and routines that hold you back from reaching your highest potential.

Being in action requires a support team, people who know you, believe in you and who can remind you of your essence and your vision when you begin to doubt yourself. Action requires reaching out and Action requires reaching IN so the world won’t throw you off track.

When we are in the state of action we bring all of the tools and knowledge that we have within ourselves and we challenge ourselves to reach new heights. Whether you are in action to get healthy or in action to learn a new skill or improve on what you already know, the attitude when moving into action is to be focused, ready to do the work and to make things happen.

What I love so much about being in this very focused and committed place, is that very quickly you can affect others.

By becoming people of Action we often become Activators and by default, end up inspiring others, giving others energy to dream their dreams and to reach their goals. It’s an incredible thing!

The truth is, you become an activator simply by accepting who you are and by choosing to attend to what you believe is important. Simply by accepting your vulnerabilities and being in your own heart, you activate people. You inspire others by fulfilling your purpose. Whatever your purpose may be, whether it’s taking care of your health, being a good parent, or working on your career, by merely standing fully within your commitment to yourself you create a ripple of energy that affects everyone around you.

In this next webinar we will review the last 3 focus points for activation and move into the journey of action. This is our opportunity to vision and establish our goals for the future and continue practicing our guided visualizations to continue strengthening our minds. More than ever the world needs us to be fearless and live outwardly an inwardly from our highest potential and our highest good. When we step into this vision of who we are, the changes we’d like to create, how we can empower others and love ourselves we move into a place of action that can reorganize our life path to a direction of clear purpose and wholeness.

Are you ready?

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