Thoughts for the Holidays

Thoughts for the Holidays

As we move into holidays that so many of us love and enjoy, it is very easy to sense feelings of stress, mixed emotion and anxiety. The reasons why these feelings appear are different for all of us but there is one thought that can be very grounding to reflect on for all of us as we begin the holiday season.

There is nothing we really have to do.

Think about it. Everything on our lists, including taking care of our families in a certain way, at a certain time, being festive, serving others, giving, preparing, sending, wrapping, sending messages, all of it. It’s our choice, completely a choice we make. Like everything we do, our choices create how we feel. When we are making choices without awareness and out of the pressure of routine or tradition, how can we be connected to the joy and happiness our choices may have waiting for us?

Reflect on your actions, what you are doing this holiday time. Track your reasons and intentions for doing the things you do. If cramming 50 things into a day can’t be achieved with happiness for the sake of doing it maybe it’s a good time to rethink your plan.

Self -care and connecting with our intentions can keep us in a place of gratitude and unity with the world around us. Slowing down to be present can bring into our experience the true meaning of the holiday time which is more than the outward celebrating but is the inward experience of divine love and oneness. The present is in the now, in the moment. That’s why it’s’ called the present, it is a gift.

Take a breath and connect so you don’t miss it.