The Heart of Intuition

The Heart of Intuition

 “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”
Albert Einstein, 1879-1955


In our lives we spend most of our waking days planning for the future and revisiting the memories of the past, it’s easy to get stuck in a mind loop of thinking and become more and more distant from simply “being.” “Being” is where we can access our intuition with ease because we are not competing with thought agendas, judgments or comparisons of our mind. When we can be still and grounded in the moment, our intuition can serve us and we can feel more secure in trusting it. We can be in a heart feeling state as opposed to a mind thinking state.

Intuition is often defined as:  knowledge without fear, a direct perception without reasoning, a gut feeling or hunch.


According to the HeartMath Institute study Electrophysiological Evidence of Intuition by McCraty, Atkinson and Bradley 2004, the heart appears to receive and respond to intuitive information and is constantly processing and decoding this information and sending it to the mind and brain. This study also suggested that our hearts have the ability to sense energy and information in future time such as the knowing of events that are yet to happen, like a natural disaster or accident on the freeway before it occurs.

Our hearts have expansive intelligence and are continuously bringing us information and sending out information through subtle frequencies unseen by the ordinary eye.

When we think of intuition, remember that it is not only a brain/mind experience but a physiological and energetic heart experience as well.

Please watch this wonderful video by the the HeartMath Institute explaining the incredible nature of the intuitive heart and how we can change, heal and create harmony through awareness and intention.