The Art Of Acceptance

The Art Of Acceptance

When we find ourselves in a situation in which our buttons are being pushed, we can choose to repress or act out, or we can choose to practice. If we can start to do the exchange, breathing in with the intention of keeping our hearts open to the embarrassment or fear or anger that we feel, then to our surprise we find that we are also open to what the other person is feeling. Open heart is open heart.― Chögyam Trungpa

Life can bring many moments that can trigger feelings of being out of control. Let’s face it, we can’t control everything in our lives even though most of us try. We can’t control others, how they act, what they say, how they say it. We can’t control our flights being delayed at the airport or the sound of the annoying laugh coming from the passenger sitting in front of us. Yes, we could kick her chair during the entire plane ride, but really all that will do is bring more energy to the anger and stress that is already building inside of us.

When a friend or family member is hurt or dies from out of the blue, we are catapulted into a state of free fall and sometimes deep uncontrollable emotion. Life does and will continue to throw us daily opportunities to practice acceptance. Acting out or repressing our feelings when we feel out of control is a lot like using a water gun to conquer a tidal wave. Not a very effective way to use our energy or change the intense feelings we may be experiencing.

This is where the art of acceptance can be a powerful practice.

Connect, breath and stay focused on how your body and mind are in sync. If you are spinning out, your mind, heart and body are not connected or grounded. Gather in your thoughts using your intention and by focusing on your breathing. Breathing in and out with awareness not only can bring acceptance in a situation, but can also bring your brain and body more oxygen, stimulate a calming response in the nervous system, and open your experience to empathy and compassion.

If you can’t change something, practice acceptance. Breathe it in and let it go.

You’ll be surprise what this simple practice can teach you.