Nature: Our Healing Teacher

Nature: Our Healing Teacher

In our everyday life we are surrounded by the power and gifts of nature. Whether walking down a crowed sidewalk in New York or walking barefoot on a California beach we have opportunities to tap into the direct guidance of the natural world aligning us with peace, tranquility and calmness.

Where there is air, water, sky, sun or rain, there is available guidance. If you have but one tree or flowerbed on a city street there is guidance and support. A raindrop on your face, the wind at your back, a flash of sunshine reflecting off of your iPhone, can all be moments of connection and spiritual awareness. The wisdom of the natural world is constantly calling you to pay attention.

So if you can’t find the time to have a calming practice like meditation, or yoga or don’t easily resonate with holistic approaches to healing, find your guidance in nature.

Just watching the rain fall against your window or watching the clouds drift through the sky can change not only your state of mind but can effect your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing from activated to calm. Nature consistently teaches us how to be grounded and present while offering healing. Its ancient power can overtake our busy individual thought fields so we may expand and connect with our hearts. The energy fields and bio frequencies of the elements are ancient and powerful compared to our individual human energy fields and thoughts.

That’s why standing at the foot of a mountain, in the middle of the woods or sitting by a stream has the power to change the way we feel.

By using our awareness and paying attention to the power of nature, we can direct our experience from powerless to powerful. Even in seemingly unnatural surroundings healing nature can be found. When standing on a crowded subway car we can feel the cold air blowing in onto our feet through the cracks in the door, being connected to the way light streams in through the office window can change a stressful moment into a moment of connection and calm experience.

Where there is awareness, nature can heal us.

It can teach an entirely new way to experience life no matter what kind of difficult circumstance we may be in. So in the days ahead, connect with nature, ask for guidance and be open to the healing it can bring even in the most unsuspecting places throughout your day.