Music and Healing

Music and Healing

The Power of Music

Music was my refuge.  I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.
– Maya Angelou

The power of music and its ability to heal has been felt throughout generations of every culture. Through instruments and voices from around the globe, the spiritual essence of music has been infused inside of every one of us. Music can truly be a vehicle for healing the body mind and spirit. Music can heal the listener, the creator and the player. It can affect passersby with a single note and can break down walls of loneliness and despair.

Music does heal. We all know that in some way, we feel it!

We know it’s there by dramatic changes in our body. Our heart rate, our blood pressure, respiration and brain activity can all be affected by music. We know it’s there when we feel a stirring in our heart or a lump in our throat. Music moves energy, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energy. Music can remind us of feelings we’ve put aside and chosen not to look at and can inspire us to look and feel things in a different way. Music can bring deep comfort and ignite passion.

Music in its finest essence can teach us and become a spiritual doorway for grace to enter into our lives; to awaken us and inspire us to open and transform.

Across our world, prayers are sung everyday using new and ancient words, melody and music. Some prayers have been sung hundreds of millions of times over again by thousands of people over the ages. Sung together in unison or alone in solitude, the power of music is available to us at any time to listen to, to sing or to play.

Music is powerful medicine that we can bring into our lives to support us in our journey to become whole. When we are feeling alone or in a place of suffering, let’s not forget to turn on the music.

Let’s practice

Here is a sample of music for healing. Listen here:for inspiration, direction, or to help with lifting a specific area of negativity in your life. Play this song and:

  • Close your eyes and breathe.
  • Call up a problem to be healed, see it with your mind’s eye or simply ask for inspiration and direction.
  • Ask for whatever you may need in the next 5 minutes to calm you, heal you and restore you. Use your intention and breathe.

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