Experiential Healing

Experiential Healing

What is it?

Experiential healing is when we consciously participate in our own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing process. We may heal on many levels every day and not think much about the process. Recovering from a cut finger or a negative encounter with a driver on the road normally goes unrecognized as “healing” because for most of us these unconscious injuries heal themselves. But when we need to heal from injuries of loss, violence, deep sadness or physical illness, participating in our own healing process mindfully can change our life.

The Body Remembers What the Mind Forgets.

When we allow thoughts and feelings to resurface in a conscious and safe way we can begin to release negativity and pain that may have stayed with us for years, sometimes since childhood. It is amazing how the body remembers and when a person is ready to let go, experiential healing can act as the catalyst. Sometimes this process can be very slow and take months or years of work and sometimes healing can happen very quickly. Either way, powerful changes can occur through a conscious guided experience.

Mindful breathing and visualization techniques, meditation and movement, multisensory exercises and subtle energy and somatic awareness techniques all can play a part in experiential healing.

How can we benefit?
Guided experiential healing can help in so many ways and on many different levels. It can help bring clarity to your life emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

It can reawaken parts of yourself that may have gone dormant or that have been covered up or left behind. It can bring power to your life, to the way you think and feel about yourself and others.

It can open up your heart to love and forgiveness and can bring you the freedom to accept and be who you are without constant self-judgment and disappointment.

It can support a healthy body through lowering blood pressure and respiration, decreasing physical pain, and supporting better sleep.

Experiential healing allows the mind to rest while bringing our intuition and skills of intention and listening to the forefront so our body, our emotions and our spiritual voice can speak to us. It is a path of healing that is committed to being awake while walking courageously through life’s many challenges, where we all can feel connected and powerful.