The Currency of Connection

The Currency of Connection

By Jessie May Wolfe

Founder of, speaker, mentor and inspirational guide

We live in a world of connectivity, each of us plugged into a multitude of devices that allow us to communicate and to curate our lives for public consumption. Nonetheless, we remain desperately disconnected, longing for belonging and for authentic self-expression. True connection with others is lost in translation when we hide in the masquerade that passes for meaningful interaction. We over-identify with the “highlight reel” of our persona, communicating in transient ways that eclipse who we truly are at a deeper level. The key is to exchange our currency of connectivity for one of Connection.

The reality is that true, vibrant connection can only come when we unplug from externals and plug into the true source of who we are, which resides at the heart level.

The electromagnetic field of one human heart has been demonstrated to be powerful enough to light an entire small city.  Unfortunately, most of us have largely shut down the source of that considerable power. To reignite it means to re-connect to our hearts and thereby to our authentic truth and our natural compassionate and loving natures.

We are at our truest essence vibrational beings — hence the term “vibe” to describe the sense of a person or situation that exists beyond words.

We all know people who light up a room merely with their energy, as well as those who seem to drain it. We can harness this all-encompassing energy to help reinstate a connection with our deeper selves.

A simple way to dial into your energy source and begin to recalibrate your capacity for connection is as follows: Place your hand on your heart so that you can feel your own heartbeat, and just…breathe.

Connect to your own natural heart rhythm, and feel that mindful attention start to naturally slow your thought processes.

A busy mind likes to “know it all” at the expense of the urges of the heart; with time and repeated practice, we recalibrate so that the head bows to the heart, and we rise to embrace our Rise (Radiant Integral Soul Energy).

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