12 Drummers Drumming Auction: Registration Now Available

12 Drummers Drumming Auction: Registration Now Available


Registration is open for 12 Drummers Drumming, our personal favorite of all the gifts listed in the classic holiday carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

To fund crucial suicide-prevention and trauma-recovery programs, we’ve gathered some of our favorite drummers for an event you won’t want to miss.

An extraordinary collection of music’s most influential and legendary drummers are joining Rick Allen over 12 days to offer fans the opportunity to bring home one-of-a-kind items and personal experiences.

This auction is also a fun way to reinforce the value of 12 drummers after an unprecedented blip in 2020. Each year, PNC Bank calculates the prices of the 12 days of gifts. Last year, with live music on hold, no price was available for “12 drummers drumming.” We think, with your help, we can set a new standard for that pricing in 2021 while raising money for a great cause.

Drummers include our own Rick Allen of Def Leppard and the generous friends who responded to his call join the effort:


Register today to learn more about how the 12 days will unfold and get alerts about the auction and packages.